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WELCOME to the 6th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair.  Historic was all we can say about last year!  Every single time we were scheduled to inflate the balloons we were able to do so!  Spectacular ascensions, morning and afternoon, to culminate with the most beautiful fantastic glows at night.  We continue to be overwhelmed with our community's support of this signature event.  Our on the field events are thrilling families and spectators with all types of entertainment while the balloons are resting.  Come and stay the day all 3 days for the largest balloon festival in January - right here in Lake Havasu City, AZ!

So much MAGICAL FAMILY FUN is just waiting for you to enjoy during these 3 days of our fair and festival event.  All of our proceeds are donated back into the community through our 5 services clubs that work to bring you thrilling weekend of spectacular hot air balloons, and non-stop activities.  Watch the balloons float over the London Bridge, sometimes dipping into the water of Lake Havasu.  But you must get out to the balloon field early, as our morning ascensions commence at dawn.  Even earlier than that, you can watch the balloon pilot and his crew (several of our thousands of volunteers) help inflate the balloon until it's standing at attention, waiting to fly away.  Such magic you will see in the sky.  We have over 70 balloons will be here for great photographic opportunities.

Enchanted IslandCome early - Stay Late! 
Everyone can have a chance to stroll among the many balloons especially on our Enchanted Island field, where we have our "Shaped" balloons inflating on the field and staying tethered there for a 1/2 hour.  Great photography opportunities abound! We have so many new fair/field activities, you will need to check the schedule of events to see how many new things we have to offer!

With 30,000 - 50,000 attendees expected, please know that you must try to beat the traffic going across the historic London Bridge.  We live in such a great community that you can get to where you are going within 15-20 minutes everywhere, but because so many people are trying to get to the balloon fields, you will need to allow time for travel. 

Once there you will find plenty of room for families and friends to gather on our expansive balloon field and vendor area.  Bring a blanket, bring a lawn chair, bring your binoculars, but please leave your pets at home.  You can even take a walk inside an actual full-sized balloon that is lying on its side.    

After the morning launch, everyone is invited to enjoy a day of "Fun Fair activities for the Family" at the balloon field.  Our 3 day festival and fair is jam packed with tethered balloons that you can ride in, an Art Village, face painting, dog shows, great bands and entertainers on the main stage, paper balloon launching, a carnival, musical and theatrical groups, classic cars, remote control planes, untethered balloon rides, delicious food in the food court, and much more! 

You will marvel at the events for all ages, souvenirs, games, rides, contests and displays that we have.  Everyone will enjoy the tissue paper balloon launch with balloons made and flown by children.

As the evening sun sets, a stunning photographic event will unfold when the Balloons are inflated after dark and left on the ground to glow like giant Chinese lanterns.  This is our fantastic, heart throbbing, awe inspiring and picturesque "Night Glow."  Stay afterwards for more fabulous live entertainment on the main stage.

Bring the entire family and stroll through the launch area, morning or evening, and see these magical, lighter than air marvels towering high around you.  Stay for the entire day and enjoy all the great events. 

The event will take place at the Nautical golf course located across the world famous London Bridge, on the Island.  If the winds are right, you may see the balloons dip their baskets ever so lightly into Lake Havasu for what's called a 'Splash & Dash', a spectacular sight to see!

Once the balloons are inflated and launched, spectators will witness a photographer's dream - an array of color and beauty.  Don't miss it!  Capture a masterpiece photo, which can be submitted to our photo contest, for a cash prize and printing in the next year’s Official Calendar!

Check back often -- we will be continually updating this site.

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